About MidTelecom

MidTelecom is a telecommunication consulting, and contracting firm, founded in 1997 in Reston Virginia. Based in United States, MidTelecom designs, develops, markets and consults all Telecommunication requests such as billing, Network Setup, Mediation, Application Developement, Wireless, 2G & 3G technologies and other telecom related technology.

The cornerstone of our business is providing international communication solutions with our international partners and affiliates.

Through our partnership with companies like Sami Consulting and Consulting Concept we have expanded our consulting capabilities to all around the world.

With clients such as AT&T Wireless, Sprint PCS, Verizon, UUNET and Winstar/IDT we have provided world class solutions and re-usable processes that are efficient for any Telecommunication company in the world

MidTelecom provides multinational corporations and other companies in emerging international markets with all the capabilities, services and resources they need for start-to-finish regardless of existing local telecommunications infrastructure. ...more

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