International MidTelecom. Through our affiliate offices, we serve North America, Central America, Middle East, Far East and Europe. With over 100 specialists worldwide in Market Research, Strategy Development, Product Development and Information Technology.

Regardless of existing local telecommunications infrastructure we can design the most efficient way to do Telecommunication business and to maximize use of your architectural resources.

By implementing mediation services for companies like British Telecom, AT&T Wireless, Sprint PCS , ESAT Telecom and many other european, South America and Middle eastern Telecommunication companies, we have learned the different needs for different markets.

Through our affiliates and partners we provide multinational corporations and other companies in emerging international markets with all the capabilities, services and resources they need for start-to-finish networking solutions.

MidTelecom is also a preeminent developer of advanced software development and itegration services.

Please contact us for more information info@midtelecom.com

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